the dcc - The Digital Communications Company

our ethos

We try to do business a little differently. Wherever possible, we aim to:

  • Work with you in the most helpful and honest way we can. We don’t think business has to be hard-nosed and cut-throat. Let’s be friends 🀝
  • Be honest and upfront about all costs and charges. We never hide anything away in the small print πŸ’·
  • Be as green as possible. We recycle everything we can and we use carbon offsets to help cover the emissions created by our day-to-day operations. We are also transitioning our company cars to be 100% electric 🌿
  • Create carbon neutral websites. We plant trees for every site we build and for all the energy used by the servers that host them. You can see our progress here 🌳
  • Give (at least) 5% of our profits to our chosen charity each year. (It’s usually an animal related charity if we’re honest! We are suckers for those cute little blighters, especially the four-legged hairy ones) 🐢

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Pop over and say hi anytime.


Pop over and say hi anytime.