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We Do Macs too!

Did you know that we can support and repair Apple Macs too?

Well, we can.

  • Need to get a Mac running on your Windows network? – No problem.
  • Or maybe you want to run Windows on your Mac? – Easy, just ask.
  • Mac running slow? – We can speed it up with a few simple steps.
  • Does your Mac crash? – We can fix this.
  • Mac stopped working? – We can get it running again.
  • Need an upgrade for your Mac? – We can advise and supply.

We provide everything from repairs and maintenance, systems management, server install, product sourcing and cross platform implementation for small to medium sized busineses based on monthly support contracts or pre-paid support hours.

We can also help to integrate all Apple iPhones and iPads etc into your existing systems.

Call 01462 888 444 or email [email protected] for more details.


The Net Direct UK Team

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Pop over and say hi anytime.


Pop over and say hi anytime.