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Payment by Cheque – The End is Nigh

Please note that we will no longer be accepting cheques as a form of payment from 1st January 2011.

They have so much going against them:

  • Issuing them costs you money.
  • Posting them to us harms the environment.
  • For us to deposit them in the bank takes time, money and causes more pollution.
  • Processing them costs us money.
  • Clearing times can delay your order.

So, with all things considered, we have decided that it is best for everyone if we stop taking them.

You can always pay us with a bank transfer or BACS (cheaper, faster, environmentally friendly) or you can use our online system to pay with your credit or debit card.

All the info you need will be on all invoices we send to you.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change.

The Net Direct UK Team

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Pop over and say hi anytime.